1. Of Magic & Muscle
    The Rule

  2. Vegan Justice
    Vegan Justice

  3. The Cold Tomb Of Decomposed Utopia (Remix)
    Eden Is Gone

  4. An All Vegan Extreme Metal 3-Way Split
    Carnivore Crusher / Stinkbrute / Propitious Vegetation

  5. Carnivore Crusher
    Carnivore Crusher

  6. Sudam​é​frica

  7. Promo

  8. Kulan Gath
    Kulan Gath

  9. Joy Of All The Sorrowful

  10. Edification

  11. In The Twilight Of Nocturne
    Gates Of Hopeless

  12. Dirty Money
    Earthfall feat. Confronto

  13. To Find Spite in Despair

  14. March To The Temple Of Gains
    The Rule

  15. Demons

  16. Unnoticed and Unmissed
    Heavens Die

  17. Truth Against The World

  18. Blinded By Desire
    Path Of Resurgence

  19. With Daggers Between Our Teeth

  20. You Went Right To The Stars
    Through Chaos & Solitude

  21. An Inability To Comprehend Human Suffering

  22. In Misty Path
    View From The Soyuz

  23. What Finds Us All
    I Destroy I

  24. Five Year Killing Spree
    Pedestal Of Infamy

  25. The BBMA Records Mixtape #4

  26. Gaia Bleeds
    Times Of Desperation

  27. Beneath The Light

  28. Cast Out Demo
    Endless Fall

  29. As The Foundations Burn...

  30. Antagonist
    I Destroy I

  31. Ethikill Submission
    Propitious Vegetation

  32. Spring Promo
    Excused Duty

  33. One Inch Of Peace
    Through Chaos & Solitude

  34. Stare Into The Abyss

  35. Shroud Of Derange

  36. A Jihad For The Sake Of Nature
    Forward To Eden

  37. Judgement, Salvation, Within My Hands
    Excused Duty

  38. Kill Your Idols

  39. Tremble Before Violence
    Ritual Of Decay

  40. Scattering Of My Malice
    Eden Is Gone

  41. More Evil
    Seek Nothing

  42. Closure
    Witness The Fall

  43. Songs Of A Racehorse
    Rats Will Feast

  44. Split 7"
    Ritual Of Decay & Carnivore Crusher

  45. Impressions From The Abyss

  46. Dark Current

  47. Enslaved
    Unworthy Of Life

  48. The BBMA Records Mixtape #3

  49. The Impeachment Of Man

  50. Ready To Kill For The Cult
    Forward To Eden

  51. Hard To Be A God
    Vital Force

  52. Vs The World
    Death Warrant

  53. Can They Suffer?...
    Ritual Of Decay

  54. Depravation

  55. Burning Rage Of A Dying Planet

  56. Weebcore 2k19

  57. Sum Of Fears
    Sum Of Fears

  58. The Pleasures That Lead

  59. Spiritual Authority & Temporal Power

  60. The God For Which We Suffer
    Die Young

  61. Those Who Don't Fear Death Never Die
    Realm Of Torment

  62. Triumph

  63. World Has No Pity For Fools

  64. Become A Curse
    Eden Is Gone

  65. Our Final Regret
    Gray State

  66. Tarred And Feathered

  67. The Light To Purify
    Primal Age

  68. Fetus Of Mankind
    Vital Force

  69. The Age Of Agony
    God's Heritage

  70. Vegan Straight Edge (Demo)

  71. The Light Of A Thousand Sparks
    When Ashes Are Rising

  72. In Search Of An End

  73. "Still Sober In Valhalla" 3-Way Split 7"
    Forward To Eden & The Rule & Statement

  74. By The Knife
    Destroy Babylon

  75. The BBMA Records Mixtape #2

  76. Release Of Pain

  77. Mint As Fuck
    Seek Nothing

  78. Heresy
    Hands Upon Salvation

  79. Antifascist Army
    No Holds Barred

  80. Web Of Liberation
    Bring Our Demise

  81. A Human Artefact
    Forward To Eden

  82. Growth
    No Restraint

  83. Join The Resistance / End The Ecocide
    Eco-Defense League

  84. Demo 2018

  85. Season Of Solitude

  86. Aurora
    Vital Force

  87. Strange New World

  88. It's My Life
    The Rule

  89. Path To Amnesty

  90. Imprisoned Eternal

  91. The Last Call Of The Wild

  92. Reborn From Hatred
    Carnivore Crusher

  93. The Refusal To Accept
    To Ashes

  94. In Fragile Hands
    Realm Of Torment

  95. Justice Will Be Served (Demo '17)
    The Rule

  96. When Blood Covers Morality
    Forward To Eden

  97. Vengeance From This Dying World
    Eden Is Gone

  98. Atrocities Against The Environment and Life
    Bring Our Demise

  99. Of Earth And Men
    When Ashes Are Rising

  100. Decide

  101. Break The Cycle

  102. A Silent Wound
    Primal Age

  103. The BBMA Records Mixtape

  104. Split 7"
    No End In Sight & Seek Nothing

  105. Revelation: Extinction
    First Fight Down

  106. The Thawing Winds Of The Morning Sun
    Through Chaos & Solitude

  107. Vultures
    Not In This Lifetime

  108. The Recommencement

  109. The First Jihad: Liberation Of The Heart
    Forward To Eden

  110. The War
    xJustified Violencex

  111. Split 7"
    Sentenced To Burn & Renounced

  112. Split 7"
    Titan & Witness The Fall

  113. Split 7"
    Forward To Eden & Content With Dying

  114. S/T EP
    Seek Nothing

  115. Not Dead Yet

  116. The Branches Of Suffering
    No Restraint

  117. The First Four Winters
    Human Animal

  118. Testament's Of Hope & Despair
    Realm Of Torment

  119. I.N.R.I.
    Fortress Black

  120. Demo 2015
    Gaia Bleeds

  121. Demo '15
    Not In This Lifetime

  122. Wrath Of The Immaculate

  123. Fight For A New World / The Epitome Of Humanity
    Forward To Eden

  124. Drowning The Apathy Inside

  125. Flaws In Human Nature

  126. Tribulations

  127. Demo 2015
    First Fight Down

  128. Black Clouds
    No End In Sight

  129. On Wings Of Darkness
    Earthly Rage

  130. Assimilation
    The Darkest Red

  131. Demo & Album Promo
    Realm Of Torment

  132. Liberation Through Destruction
    To Ashes

  133. My Legacy / Eternal Struggle - The Best Of 17 Years XVX 90's Metalcore (And Still Going Strong)
    Absone & Primal Age

  134. The 90's Mixtape #1 - Underrated/Unknown

  135. Forward Onto Death

  136. Light Is The Darkness His Greatest Fear
    Witness The Fall


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