Can They Suffer​?​.​.​.

by Ritual Of Decay

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A floor made for killing living graves to be filled punishment capital The imprisoned wallow in sorrow and filth To the abattoir, they are transported in terror Single file, a fate unknown and yet well aware Overwhelmed by the stench of rot and of ruin Trauma rains down as they are confined to the tomb Forceful strike, the forehead impaled Exsanguination intact, empathy failed Those not easily exterminated, the suffering continues Strangled, scalded, beaten, the violence ensued Meathooks dig in and throats are slit dismembered for delicacy, drowning in the depths of the stick pit Families torn to shreds, along with their flesh A mantle sealed in blood, an industry of death They die alone, bawling, begging for mercy When a life becomes a product, can we call ourselves humanity?
Quivering with fear, they cower in cages Lorded over by merciless so called scientific sages Mere subjects for experimentation Crying out for liberation Animal welfare abandoned for mankind's alleged advancement Unethical, inhuman, corrupting what is sacrosanct Value intrinsic, abuse horrific Scalpels carve in a cycle of sickness Burnt, blinded, battered and butchered Their anguish echoed through white walls, unheard Obfuscated by oligarchs who profit from their pain Electrocuted, isolated, diseased and maimed Until vivisection is ceased There can be no progress There can be no peace Until every animal is free There can be no progress There can be no peace


BBMA86 Ritual Of Decay debut (demo) Tape
Vegan straight edge oldschool Death Metal from Arizona.

Any profit from this demo will be given to various local animal sanctuaries.
End Vivisection. End Animal Agriculture. End Animal Exploitation.


released January 30, 2020


all rights reserved



Bound By Modern Age Records Germany

embrace the nineties

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