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by Realm Of Torment

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Slavenation 02:38
Corruption, collusion, conformity. Rape. Murder. Hypocrisy. Blissful ignorance, vicious mind-sets. Plagued institutions, that brew hatred Race war, misogyny, immoral. Profit margins, nuclear weapons, death The blood is on your hands. The church, the politics, the money. All put into place, to keep us down. Society is hung by a thread & you hold the knife. Let it swing.
Misanthropy 04:02
I will endure. I’ll take a stance alone, foreboding. A testament of strength over me. Watch my skin turn, a shatter of bone. Father of love, send agent of peace. Oh grant me death, there’s no other option. Only the strong survive. Only the strong survive, in an environment that’s vicious. You can live, but are you alive? The greed, the instinct. It’s as natural as your sense of fucking higher power. It’s fucking false. This is the end, the conscious destroyer of the good earth & it can’t be stopped. Unrelenting, unstoppable malice. It’s within you, the one that enslaves is something more. You’ve polluted your own mind, what will you do when propaganda backfires? Mankind is blindly marching forward into the gates of hell. Welcome an age of no morality that humanity has brought upon itself.
Antitheist 04:06
You say your heart of stone turned into a heart of flesh, but in truth your religion robs you of your ability to think for yourself. Now only ignorance is left. You justify your hatred with religion, fuck your holy war. You generate to profit nothing. You take advantage of the addicted, diseased, afflicted. Preach a gospel of poison, to anyone who’ll listen. And promise them a special place in heaven, but follow the book by the later or they’ll make sure that you’re damned forever.
We are not gods, we are not kings. Tear down the forest & the earth will bleed. Ignorance & greed fan the flames, the genocide of one million species. The forests fall, the sky rains ash, no chance of salvation, their’s no way back. The blood is on your hands.
Love dissected by your heart, consumed by selfish pride. Your will to control overshadows their right to acceptance. Mirrored blood beneath the skin, yet inequality scorches the mind. A sting so sharp through the heart they feel abandoned. Confused & rejected. One simple responsibility to ease the pain. Parental negligence to maintain your feelings of safety. Mirrored blood beneath the skin, but disrespect is the guiding light. Uncompromising in the eyes of provocation. The cries of the pain incarnate. The cries, pain incarnate.
Transpose 03:26
Power rests with the misplaced hearts, depriving the purest intentions. Never-ending attempts to offer divinity, ignored for the convenience. Reject their false attention. Subvert control below. Communication must offer resistant, empowerment to those who mean well. Hope may still arrive, if we lay birth to virtue today. Over-ride this transgression. The process of deposition. To erupt turmoil beneath the foundations, the soil must breathe.


BBMA06 - 1st Press/50 (10 Pre-Order, 40 Regular) Sold Out!

4 Track Demo from Feb '14 & 2 Track Promo Recording from Nov '14.
Full-Length out in Mid '15. Be Prepared.


released January 24, 2015


all rights reserved



Bound By Modern Age Records Germany

embrace the nineties

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