Impressions From The Abyss

by Castigator

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The pain, it feeds my anxiety, please don't use the knife It lets me hope, drives me to despair, tells me I'm still alive The pain, it numbs my perception, please don't use the hammer I know that its not personal, but I'm scared of your quiet manner My wife, my kids, they wait for me, please don't go ahead It makes me cry to realize, that in the end I'll be dead My skull is broken, my stomach pierced, I snore through my broken nose My thoughts are with my family, while I breath my final dose As the yellow bag comes down on me, I realize this can't be right Implements made to create a thing, now used to end a life My wife, my kids, they wait for me, please don't go ahead It makes me cry to realize, that in the end I'll be dead Maniacs on a killing spree, sworn to leave a legacy of dread A cruel swath of brutality, first one done, twenty still ahead The fear is what has driven us to leave a life as prey To choose the path of dominance, where we let the weak ones pay The hammer blows erase our past, hatred fuels our mission Pointedly aiming for the head, battered beyond recognition
Baltic Tomb 03:34
Survivors of the longest walk, crammed together in a coffin of steel All escape routes are locked down, no room to sit down, lie or kneel Force-marched from corpse-farms, victims of a fallacy Scapegoats of a master race float face down in the Baltic Sea Open season on cadaverous bodies, guilt pangs in society's womb cannon fodder for a heinous ruse, buried in the Baltic tomb Escaping the blaze on Cap Arcona, the grim landmark of catastrophe Gunned down from air and aboard, struggling in the shallow sea Reaching dry land, culled by the locals at the imminent end of the war Decades to come will see mortal remains washed up on the shore Baltic tomb, a final resting place - the sea bed under brackish floods Only one last frantic attempt to eradicate with supreme contempt Riven by hatred, some just wouldn't see the master race's bottomless depravity A final resting place - the sea bed under brackish floods - Baltic tomb A wretched death after years of harm, the victims of a perfidious plan Survived inhuman pain, torture and ordeal – only to perish in blaze or swell
Unaware they roam the streets, innocent of evil deeds But with bats, belts, bricks and knives, a mob ends their precious lives The residents are in fatal error, unleashing this unfounded terror On two blameless guys, horribly, miscalculate the quandary Is this what we want to be? The values of society? Police join the rampant mob, slay the brothers of Sialkot! See your brother, limp and bleeding and his spirit slowly leaving Just now sanguine 'bout what’s ahead, moments later beaten dead Daily routine found welcome change, aren't god's moves sometimes strange? Dozens join the revelry, fostering this tragedy... Is this what we want to be? Remember who we used to be! Civility we once had got, drowns in blood in Sialkot!
The long-foreboded day finally is here Perdition of all life, unstoppable oblivion Nothing will survive this last war on earth Unlike anything before a fest of blood and gore Woman versus man, man versus child Senseless bloodshed, all-out war Not even the strongest will survive All the misdeeds, ever perpetrated Now walk the earth, malevolence incarnate Culprits will be cursed, cherubs swept away A pristine planet Earth, at the end of days Woman versus man, man versus child Terminal bloodshed, all-out war Not even the most faithful will survive Lust-distorted faces in a heap of flesh Drenched, twisted bodies, manifested blasphemy Craves the graven image, ascends to rule All creeds obliviate, embracing the confinement of evil Heavens wrapped in flames, as gods are crucified The angels moribund, all creation is denied Religion has no worth, devotion meaningless All prophets drown in guilt in this global holocaust
Blackest night, no rest is found, the horror still inside my head Outside the bunker, beyond the trench, mangled bodies in the dirt I gaze at something a thousand yards away, when the whistle blows The cannon blasts have finally faded, it's time we fight for our homes Storm on to war, through blood and death and gore The time has come for us to die March on, no halt, this is the end of all We will be torn up in this storm of steel From hole to hole the death race goes, signal fires lighten up the sky Bullets fly, mortars howl, hell has come to earth tonight Iron beasts roar out of the darkness, smashing our hopes of victory Behind the wall of razor wire, lies our only hope to survive
In the heart of darkness - where dignity has no worth They own your lineage - own your life and humble you by force The chicotte lashes down on you - leaving scars for life Your kinswomen in captivity while Public Force mortifies Forays of murdering henchmen - eager to fullfill it Exaction of the bleeding wood - trading limbs for bullets Compelled to ravish your beloved ones, in the ashes of your haven, once free You’re wounded, battered, almost dead, and finally hung from a tree And all this dread - in the name of the crown, The heart of darkness, the king’s playground Where no flowers bloom, tears of distress are shed The skulls of the victims encircle the beds. In the heart of darkness – A hand for a bullet You have risen up, and let the storm break loose Others followed, swore this would end But voracious interests disrupted the way you choose So you gave for a bullet your hand
Waco's Shame 03:25
Southern trees bear another strange fruit A dead black body, blood on the roots Castrated, laughed at, lynched by a mob Flames have smothered the final sob When death comes marching home again We'll give him a hearty welcome then The men will cheer and the boys will shout The ladies they will all turn out Scent of magnolias, sweet and fresh Daubed by the smell of burning flesh Twisted mouth and bulging eyes A fateful verdict, based on lies When death comes marching home again The whole town prepares to meet the man Everyday life will be the same But Jessies fate will stay Waco's shame
The stench of corpses fills my house, It dominates my cognition, An olfactoric symphony Reminds me of my iniquity Everyone that I ever coveted, Paid this relation with his life, My home is a dead-house, heavens cellar, Here i keep my bondings alive. In the attic hangs my beautiful daughter, Rotting there since she was three, Her brother, who was drowned in water, Still waits in the balneary. My spouse complies her uxorial duties, Even after her sudden death, She condones the abuse of her body, Helpless, since her final breath. The stench of corpses fills my house, It dominates my cognition, An olfactoric symphony Reminds me of my iniquity At night they roam along the floor, I hear the sound of broken limbs, I have both eyes towards my door, And my blancket to the chin. They surround my bed and point at me, Here i lie, paralyzed by fear, Killed by what once was my family, They took revenge for my misdeeds.
I'm waiting in my cold cell, when the bell begins to chime Reflecting on my past life and it doesn't have much time 'Cause at 5 O'clock they take me to the gallows pole The sands of time for me are running low When the priest comes to read me the last rites Take a look through the bars at the last sights Of a world that has gone very wrong for me Can it be that there's some sort of error Hard to stop the surmounting terror Is it really the end, not some crazy dream? Somebody please tell me that I'm dreaming It's not easy to stop from screaming But words escape me when I try to speak Tears fall but why am I crying After all I'm not afraid of dying Don't I believe that there never is an end As the guards march me out to the courtyard Somebody cries from a cell, 'God be with you' If there's a God then why has He let me go? As I walk my life drifts before me Though the end is near I'm not sorry Catch my soul, it's willing to fly away Mark my words, believe my soul lives on Don't worry now I have gone Gone beyond to seek the truth, yeah, yeah When you know that your time is close at hand Maybe then you'll begin to understand Life down here is just a strange illusion


BBMA93 the debut LP by Hamburgs heaviest oldschool Death Metal outfit.
45 minutes of black metal influenced “true crime” Death’n’Thrash.

Mixed & mastered by Dennis "Der Clint" Israel at Clintworks
All songs written & arranged by Castigator
Except for "Hallowed Be Thy Name" (Iron Maiden Cover)


released June 1, 2020


all rights reserved



Bound By Modern Age Records Germany

embrace the nineties

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