Mint As Fuck

by Seek Nothing

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BBMA63 The '17 follow up EP of the "not so bad hardcore" metallers, (re-)released by your favorite label for the first time on a good old music casette. Louder & angrier, but still keeping it true to what they're about!
1st Press/50: white tapes with diy printed labels and a fold-out cover layout, which holds lyrics and stuff. Now up for Pre-Order:

CD Version still available from MMW Records!

Recorded spring/summer 2017 by Alex at Paul Lincke Studio & Dinos At His House, mixed & mastered by Werner Robitza
All songs written by Seek Nothing © Seek Nothing 2017

Artwork/Design by Black Booze Illustrations + Logo by Holly Illustrates
S.N. is C.C. D.V. C.J. M.T.W. #LEDZ


released August 16, 2018


all rights reserved



Bound By Modern Age Records Germany

embrace the nineties

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Track Name: Mint As Fuck
Too many bands have too many plans for world domination
They’re licking their wounds and trying to prove that the words just don’t exist
I have a plan to deny these acts of pure desperation
By shining a light on the fountains of shite we let crawl into our lives
Pull the plug
These polished sounds they make for polished things
Track Name: COMA
Cultures born from fear
Focus on themselves
Deny the truth to the unelected few
Closer to the end
Hands tied behind your head
Standing at the edge of a self-made precipice
Caution to the wind
Opinions in high gear
Or crucified by satellites
Loathsome and unclear
So much closer
We are walking fossils
Tempered by aeons and aeons
Of zero self-control
There is no loyalty
There is no comfort here
Just arrogance and toxic atmosphere
Track Name: Nackskott
Slow down
Take a breath
This suffering will never end
Wrenched from our homes
A short repose
I offer disloyalty
But in return I ask for everything
We bend and we break
For new penalties
Surrender your hate
For new enemies
As desire revolts
Reduced to ash by circumstance
To have to hold
Until death we part
Erase yourself and your goals
We bend and we break
The circles closes in
For better or worse
I suffer the most
For new penalties
Or for new enemies
Track Name: Victim Vest
You've been running your mouth off
And changing your mind
You twisted the truth one too many times
Your times up, your misery
And a total lack of intelligence
You tried to make civil
But even that was just bile
The reality unbearable
Don't you ever fucking talk to me
The lies and the miracles
I can't remember where to begin
You self-absorbed piece of shit
I hope you end up six foot deep
Your lights out, you're running from
You're own poison anxiety
In hindsight the fact is
We called your bluff now you're screwed
The concept of humility
Is lost on people like you
You drew a line in the sand
But forgot where you stood
Cause the worst of my life
Was the day I met you
So goodbye, so fareful
To all the pain that you mined
The chaos, the damage done
Just one more thing to unwind
You asshole, you fucking scum
I dread to think what made you
So pent up, so always wrong
About everything and everyone
Don't the let the door hit you on the way out punk

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