Not Dead Yet

by Absorption

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A last barbed sting Of guilt and failure Manner of the disgrace Travel further to escape I never knew the reason For why this lasted Wasted years and broken bones Face your fears and broken homes Cut the heart, pride, the fall Lessons learned this time for sure Memory come quick to fade Shape it right this time so quick No time to think of death to sleep Fall back, take back Fall back, take back Never think it`s lost to dust Creating more than I destroy Is a battle that can`t be won Trust in the forgotten time No remorse, no forgiveness No remorse, no forgiveness Our time gone Tasted if what`s wrong Stay away forever Fake never last
Defeat 03:04
Finally I've come to see Defeat isn't the only option A ruined life isn't worth living Your scars are worn with pride I'm sick of your shit This isn't over Break your answers On my wasted breath Re-live the defeat Re-take the ground Don't rush back for The house that burnt down Ashes is all you'll taste Regret is all you'll get Travel forward to the last Place I`ve found myself Leave it in the past Wasted all your time I'm sick of your shit This isn't over Break your answers On my wasted breath Re-live the defeat Re-take the ground
Not Dead Yet 03:38
Hate, broken, no sleep Not dead yet Nothing lasts beyond us The fools are waiting for The next life to live Will lose it all today Strength through surviving Bitterness the fuel The damaged part is what Is what lashes out Wasted time is lost now You revel in its demise One hope for redemption Kill yourself tonight Only hate now Lost our patience Never go back Trouble over Pick many and fail it all We've lost it all Face yourself Dare you look back The damaged part Is what lashes out
Stranger 03:10
With eyes wide open You sleep walk towards Repeat again the harshest acts Who cares who hurts Some people never learn The basic facts Look what it`s done to you Death without the cause Negative cycles prevent the curse Fiction is what you worship Blind to, to the end Stranger than a broken mind Carve it from ignorance Illiterate and righteous Scared of the dark You have all shown What a false idol is There`s not enough time For it all to be


BBMA24 - Absorption - Not Dead Yet.
1st Press/50. Handnumbered.
Death To False Metalcore.
Co-Released w/ Mark My Words on CD (UK) & Coercion Cassettes (USA) on Tape.

“Not Dead Yet” was recorded in spring 2016 in two different places:
All guitars were recorded by Harley Maryon in his HQs, Southampton.
Drums and vocals were recorded by Alessio Garavello in Rough Studios, London.
All mixing and mastering was done by Harley Maryon.

Absorption during recording consisted of:
Patrick Klosinski – bass, Alex Hill – vocals, Emil Kedzierski – guitar, Don Janutenas – drums,
Harley Maryon played second guitar on this record.
Backing vocals done by Alex, Emil and Patrick.

Absorption now consists of:
Patrick Klosinski – guitar, Alex Hill – vocals, Emil Kedzierski – guitar, Bartosz Lesniewski – bass, Don Janutenas – drums.


released July 1, 2016


all rights reserved



Bound By Modern Age Records Germany

embrace the nineties

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