On Wings Of Darkness

by Earthly Rage

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Human hands on the Earth, Like a fucking disease, It makes me sick to see this sight, I need a release. Dig your talons in, To take from the world. You're all selfish-minded pricks, And you'll get what you deserve. Premature extinction, Death of a nation, Least of our worries is the next tax inflation. Turning your back on a world made cold, Force feed yourself, When you're too fucking bold. Justify the wrongs and the prices you'll pay, Natural selection seems to be the only way. These people won't learn, They just destroy and burn. Our suicide is being served on a silver plate
Abnegation 02:43
Don't try to justify, What you believe. Abnegation, condemnation, Brings me to my knees. Gun to my head, And I'm dying to feel. They think they have it all, But they've been deceived. Born to a world run by suits and grins, Forsake their father's faces, For worthless greed and sin. Eradicate the hate, Let humanity end. The death of hierarchy, Broken gods to mend. Take down the structures, Bleak industrial risers. Children living under streets, At the mercy of the kaisers. Life isn't worth living, In a world of greed. Locked in a cage, This is my earthly rage.
Take my pride away, The last fucking time, You only hate the ones, You left behind. Trapped in your fury, Don't call my name. When your loneliness digs in, You have yourself to blame. I don't want to live, In a world of hate, It won't get better than this, They were right all along. I wish I'd never crawled, Into this world. I never wanted this existence. Kick me down, Spit in my face, No purpose aside giving me reason to hate. Your mind is weak, And mine is stronger. My name will live on, Bear the earth on my shoulder. Let me die.
Liberation for the masses, As fear mongers slay their own people, And provoke bloodshed over holy war. Relentless taste for blood, Man stripped of his soul. Dead seas birthed of us, Shadows walk too tall. They'll fall into their hells, Till the last scream echoes clear. Bleak, endless nights, Tormented thoughts breeding fear, Of things I can't change. One voice against the giants, The burden of a thousand lifetimes, A minority on Mother Earth.


BBMA08 - 1st Press/50
(regular black/40 & pre-order blue/10) Sold Out.

'14 Demo. First time physical release.


released March 19, 2015


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Bound By Modern Age Records Germany

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