Our Final Regret

by Gray State

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Condemned 03:21
thousands condemned to a life of terror stench of fear as they seek for a shelter as another wave of chaos rises fear is pushing them out crushing their lungs as we breath guilt burns deep inside there's nothing that can justify watching the world die the blood has been spilled the damage has been done you can wash your hands but they wont come clean
Anguish 02:37
there was a time not so long ago when I was afraid almost lost it all how long now, till I die how long now, till I bite the dust what the fuck did you expect me to be never had the chance to tell you how I really feel left my guard down, sold my soul for a cure but still nothing comes out, no nothing comes out at all
Betrayed 02:16
learned behavior is just another excuse when you are too blind to the abuse dance with the devil, kiss of death prayers upon something that does not exist close your eyes, no one's here to empathize deafening scream of the victim pressure to tell, mind twisted she's left all alone, blamed, accused, did nothing wrong burden too heavy to carry, she turns into travesty numbing pain, bloodshot eyes, air filled with mournful cries loved ones left behind sentenced to a life of shame, betrayed by her own name begins to blame herself, trapped in a room noose around her neck, wishing this would end took all the blame now she's one with the flames
long gone are the days of justice oppression of the voiceless, slash of a cutlass mankind divided, lives lost in the progress unjustified bloodshed hollow from the inside out, inside out our one regret final nail in our coffin hanging by a, hanging by a fucking thread sickness over health, choose to cause pain mass graves, no names hanging by a fucking thread paid to watch the life vanish from their eyes lifeless bodies piled up to the sky we will burn with no remorse as we shed our skin, we reveal our true form for the sake of satisfaction for the sake of human greed families torn apart, mothers grief in vain
Absolution 03:33
bloodstained hands, justice will be served absence of humanity, suppressed by faith baptized in greed, in the house of worship blindly following the leader towards absolution death is the punishment washed sins away as He died on the cross so you could forget everything that you've been taught fear of death should be a warning sign but you keep pushing yourself towards the blinding light forged in the flames of intolerance, accepting no one but yourself losing the touch of repentance, as you turn your self in to god forged in the flames of intolerance, accepting no one but yourself losing the touch of repentance, as you turn your self in to god
fire from the fucking gods, no longer blinded by the ugly truth split my soul in two, put me on my knees, leave me to rot and bleed and now I make the ultimate sacrifice put yourself in my shoes, see what I've seen shoot me in the fucking back and let me bleed tell me what I should've done, lay it against me head should I pull the trigger or live another day
Witness 02:29
walk the line, fall behind wretched days for the human race walk the line, fall behind wretched days for the human race spread lie after lie, witness as millions die spread lie after lie, watch as destruction flies walk the line, fall behind day by day, resist their way
Burn 04:39
they watch as the chains, lead the reapers way break of crimson dawn, chaos under the sun drowning in their own blood torn apart, thrown away laid to rest in a shallow grave laid to rest, angels die in devil's nest I promise justice for every lost soul as the guilt caves in to my hear bow down to your end as all hell breaks loose, there's nothing left to choose burn to the ground, turn to ash burn


BBMA72 - Gray State is a vegan oldschool metalcore outfit from Finnland who just released their debut LP. FFO: Arkangel, Kickback, All Out War, …

The vinyl version is produced fully analog - direct audio tape master.
Now up for pre-order: bbmarecords.com/shop

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Tapio Lepistö at Black Floyd Analog Studio, during June 2018. All songs by Gray State. Lyrics & Layout by Jussi Kunnari.

A CD Version is also available from Mark My Words Records (UK).


released March 20, 2019


all rights reserved



Bound By Modern Age Records Germany

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