Path To Amnesty

by Servitude

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Itzamná 01:06
Temple 03:17
Lead me to the temple of the barely conscious. Terrified and trapped under rule of the blade. A state of purgatory, shown no mercy in their death. Born a slave, their sentience forced to waste. Forced exploitation for the price of commodity. Irrational selfishness to satisfy false desire. Salvation save their innocence. End this agony. To partake in this genocide is a counteract of peace. No longer will I use my mind, my soul to view animals as a commodity. Until my last dying breath I will fight until every life is free. Gasping for air, the knife enters pure flesh. Human arousal for carnal sickness. Abundant suffering inside this temple. Billions sacrificed inside this temple. Certain extinction inside this temple.
Stained 02:31
Divinity, purify this kingdom. When the skies turn red I will only feel hope, as humankind will no longer reign. Delusions of a flawless world, only a wasteland, as the indoctrinated suffocate on the lies they once utilised. The bloodsoaked sand you once kneeled upon is now forever stained. Only providence will judge this vicious massacre you partook as normality. Imprisoned and caged liberate the enslaved, inflicted torture within laboratories for human gain. Imprisoned and caged for advancement of our race, dominion is over. Cries of the innocent echo within the abyss of our minds. The bloodsoaked sand you kneeled upon is now forever stained. Anthropocentric by nature. Guilty by association. With open arms I welcome militance.
Imprisoned within weakness, in a world gone wrong. Incept an execution, slashed to dust. Annihilate the monotony of dependance, no more than an obstruction to philosophy, break the cycle of a weak willed complacency. An exploit, an excuse harnessing failure. Your destruction is my gain, the seas won't wash away this evidence of your pain and embellished dismay. This substance holds no salvation. My path to amnesty is through abstinence. This is what it truly means to be poison free. Straight edge.
Servitude 02:47
Detach from the darkness within my soul, is my insolence forgiven once I've silenced the cries of anguish? Blindness persists as we apprise for our extinction, for a civilisation under servitude. Imposed upon deception for our right to comprehend, these origins represent the broken remains of a planet once habited with compassion. Sinking sands, a burning skyline. Burn the homes of those before us, mankind continues to behold me carrying no perception of rumination. Bloodlust and affluence, an abominable falsehood conditioned in the name of vanity. The manipulation of mankind has ended, veganism is the only solution. Systematic killing will be no more, discriminatory suffering under societal law. A lifetime shackled in wretchedness will end, our habits are reflected on those we've left depraved. This bloodline will end and our children will burn, mankind's place on Earth is not deserved.


BBMA47 UK Vegan Edge Metal
Co-released with RageHC (UK).

Mixed and Mastered by Ben Brodie
Vocals and bass engineered by Ben Brodie
Guitars engineered by Declan Waters
Drums engineered by Ryan Lothian
Additional vocals on 'Stained' by Harrisen Jacques


released October 31, 2017


all rights reserved



Bound By Modern Age Records Germany

embrace the nineties

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