Release Of Pain

by Gnapenstob

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BBMA60 Gnapenstob - Release Of Pain (debut) EP
True oldschool DSBM kvlt meets vegan edge 90's style metal(core) militia!
Austin, TX new bloods manage to combine the best of both genres on this EP. FFO: Prayer For Cleansing, Underoath & The Crow Comics.

The 7" Vinyl Version is co-released with Communication Disorder Distro & Mailorder from Japan. Pre-Orders will start soon!
A Tape version is also available from HEAL Records, USA.

All profits generated from this release will be donated to the Food Empowerment Project, an anti-colonialist and non-profit organization that highlights and combats unfair working conditions for produce workers, animal abuse, child labor and further injustices of our society.


released August 20, 2018


all rights reserved



Bound By Modern Age Records Germany

embrace the nineties

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Track Name: Stone Skin Of Gargoyles
Endless lament and terror in my mind
I hear thy ghastly cries
You demon man with horns of Satan
Your love was but temptation
Carve into me a mark of doubt
For some things there is no forgiveness

Your curse was granting me life
And shaming me for it
Now a black rose blooms in place of my heart and the thorns of vengeance replace my mind
This storm to smite ye bastard maker, pure and holy writ
Her beacon of angelic light

A mother eases all suffering
Jealously diminished by thy hand, I watched as you trampled flight
Her wings now crooked
O goddess timid with fear
He taught me to hate he taught me
Never to love again like gargoyle with skin cold,
No emotion shall pass me ever again
Track Name: How Heaven's Gate Has Been Stormed Countless Times
Millions die in unending crusades for a holy land that was falsely created by greedy kings and unjust popes in order to justify a war economy, these wars are still fought today under new banners and different pretenses, we let our governments attribute to atrocities committed by unmanned aircrafts that mow down and maim innocent children on their way home from school and worship, all for glory and oil, these racist and islamaphobic agendas are carried out.

Taken into mine own chest
The bitter hate from every soul
The piercing of this spear
As breaths falter and pure lungs collapse
A savior's end draws near
We're fucking abandoned
Mankind turns to sin
Led by debauchery and chaos
How easy we all give in
Endless war over God's promised land
Yet you forgot His command

Killing and hating, we're destroying our home
The innocent suffer
And can't fight on their own
Gardens of Eden now perish and burn
We leave the ashes in the devils urn
You ignore their cries as the children of the world die
These children of god that suffer at your hands

Godly cloth you have much to answer for
Millions mowed down by machines of war
Is this truly the will of the Lord?
does your curse gild
Bodies of the dead into earthly greed?
Claiming in the name of Heavens decree
Absolved in death
Humanity is brought to its knees
Track Name: Burning Dandelions
O malefic fate, O cruel world
To tear us apart so easily
A garden of friendship decimated by a clumsy hand, I take the pain within
Unloving was this mistake
For which I cannot suffer enough, I search for solace in the depths
But even hell denies me from their brethren

Set ablaze our times together, too painful now to reminisce
I cry in meditation upon your name as Grim's razor finds my wrist

Images of your face burned in my mind, so caring and pure
I shall not forget you, my sweet friend
But I know your hatred for me will burn through and move you
Move you ages away from me
Out of reach
I bury this friendship in the ruins of memories
Track Name: A Selfish Humanity Does Not Deserve To Carry On
7 billion people suffering in their own hell
You plant a seed to bring forth life, for fear your legacy comes to an end
To carry on, this child be burdened, damned with the pain of this world
Unlearn the primal male drive to pillage and populate

Selfish human desires have poisoned Gaia's bounty
Her veins flown with intoxication,
Her gifts of life tainted and taken for granted
We let this virus spread
Every resource plundered
This systematic decimation of her beauty
Is unforgivable
Overpopulation is our damnation

Your blood is worthless compared to those whose you shed
With mere existence we asphyxiate and doom those noble of earth

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