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Plague Dogs 03:03
The unquenchable appetite for flesh Has hastened mankind’s demise, the black wings of death Exhibition and exploitation lead to outbreak Hubris towards the natural order seals our fate Contamination from eggs, dairy and meat Infect, injure and kill as the gluttons feed Flus of bird and swine, dismembered and dined At the heart of every pandemic it's the culprit you’ll find Bushmeat to blame for rampant disease Loss of environment and biodiversity Salmonella, anthrax, glanders and MERS From animal agriculture, this onslaught was birthed Zoonosis reigns Pathogens rage Viruses, parasites and prions Lay siege and reclaim A plague animal born yet man made Violation of the natural order seals our fate
Subterfuge for the animal’s sake Broadcast the sounds and sights Of the billions of lives that they take Unearthing their temples unholy Exposing sacraments so gory Profits over peace Endless innocents deceased Investigations impeded to blind the masses to reason Industry practices enshrouded, bloodsoaked floors, stocks overcrowded Sunlight to disinfect such profane acts The darkness in which they dwell Must be vanquished, overwhelmed Observed and recorded, documented, reported Centuries of torment they’ve distorted The world will see their lies A truth from which they cannot hide, THEY CANNOT HIDE WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED THEIR VOICES SHALL BE HEARD
Creeping in the dirt like the filth they are Made possible by science, riddled with disease Infesting every inch, exploiting near and far To extend their life by unnatural means The answer, for profane acts Survival Instinct biologically suppressed More profit, while ignoring the facts Who doesn’t want to hear will receive the pest Humanity’s a threat – Bring back the plague Ravaging the earth, laying all to waste Rigid for decades despite seeing the effects Leaving nothing but burnt land though salvaging your race A green nature and clean air doesn’t fill your checks The answer, for capitalistic greed Carelessly destroying the foundation of their life To bite the hand that feeds And then trying to desert – nature will survive Bring out your dead – Gaia strikes back
Franticly hiding in your pathetic bunkers Fear is eating all empathy Hastily stealing and stabbing their backs Fear is eating the soul Shunning each other and avoiding your kin In narcissistic charity Oh, let the plague take the hindmost I hope you fucking die I just wanted to eat your living, breathing body Taste your warm entrails, could something this heavenly be a sin? Begging to be punished to be put in place Greed is covering empathy Craving to be battered, beaten, basted and abused Greed is replacing the soul A just punishment for your frivolous deeds The Wages Of Sin are filled with blood Of the innocent life you have taken Eye for an eye – I hope you fucking die I just wanted to eat your living, breathing body Taste your warm entrails, could something this heavenly be a sin? I dream of your demise…


BBMA91 - Two militant vegan oldschool Death Metal duo's on one 7" Record.
RoD hails from Phoenix, Arizona and consits of members of Pedestal Of Infamy.
CC is Rat (Statement, Unborn, etc.) and your's dearly (FTE, Castigator, etc.)

7" Vinyl Version is available from: bbmarecords.com/shop

RoD Side:
Music/design - Bryan
Vocals/lyrics - Kirby

Tracked by Bryan
Mixed/Mastered by Dillon Matola
Logo by @svchislife

CC Side:
Music - Rat
Vocals/Lyrics/Design - Tim

Mixed/Mastered and Layouted 100% DIY


released June 16, 2020


all rights reserved



Bound By Modern Age Records Germany

embrace the nineties

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