Sum Of Fears

by Sum Of Fears

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Scum 2.0 02:49
how come you see red, grate your teeth calling everyone a rapist, a cheater, a thief can’t believe you spill this shit around as common sense don’t we live in the same fucking place so easy to reveal your words not build on concrete more like sand in the wind make the spoken sharper, but still not true tell me whats the value of a losers pride looking for excuses for every failed step in his life tell me what’s the value of your pride? you kill soil with salt like you kill minds with lies type it fast type it clean while i kick your head through the screen strangled with the powerchord, almost dead, i release the taste of consequences seems not to please
Shame 03:07
you get attention for the things you have and not for what you say or do but you see this ain’t enough, cause possession does not attract the scum take of the last bit of defense that kept you a distance to the storm when appreciation means more than self esteem shame and now you regret showing of your cunt in the web shame and now you regret cause your mind was not set for what to come now you’re handled like a threat disappearing from the screens you ruled fifteen minutes of fading fame disappear from the screens and fade trying to overcome the malevolence spreading at you reality the influencer is leaving you depressed and deserted depressed and deserted shame
Surrender 02:34
now there you are pathetic blood, flesh and bone fueled by drugs distracted by cheap thrills anxiety to be repelled to love means angst so love got killed float around in a depressing sphere driven by the sum of fears beauty turns shit no more strength to bear yourself the pressure all hope entombed as you bow down to be put into the gears no more the grain just like everyone and everything you’ve always hated blood young so naive a rebel to a slave believes torn apart by reality still you’re there feeling trapped on a death row just to witness that things are getting worse left alone with things left undone after all these years you just keep wonder when does the bomb drop to end this world of shit death of humanity just smash it into bits
Superior 04:32
what will it be to become a god see behind the sun all power to destroy and create beyond love and hate superior subtract evil from this earth extinction of men a new breed to be born in the ruins of the past war-machines and broken glass an insight of their fate if they fuck up in the ruins oft he past an insight of their fate centuries passed by a flicker in my eye history repeats again extinction of men in the ruins of the past war-machines and broken glass an insight of their fate if they fuck up in the ruins of the past an insight of their fate ignorance, the doom of civilization mankind, a living desolation knowledge without wisdom a wildfire that never dies never dies they shall burn so i smack this world to dust and scorch it in the sun people are the problem now they’re gone they shall burn
Real Fake 03:00
programmed and put in time the drummer sucks so you get a machine to do his job and what a shame the backing track is stuck for the singer to blame push play, lean back no fails, just tracks, so relax no effort to bring up on stage choreographed bullshit sells good for fucks sake play it live, play it raw how it’s supposed to be real recognizes unreal and they will prove you’re fake digital lies and a contract to fulfill sniff another line of coke, get on stage and play the game you fucking scammer, you piece of shit you can’t smash all mirrors and ignore your shame but cash flows so what
Threat 04:01
the tide has turned and still i’m standing in the wadden so sure to reach the shore in time, but time had me forsaken looking out for you to keep yourself from drowning just to find myself desperate and unknowing how should i know it’s the sickness like a demon in your head acid, pills and knives the weapons of this threat death to achieve though you’re strong and precious that shadow won’t divide us i won’t let you die let you die, i won‘t


BBMA82 Sum Of Fears Demo/debut EP Tape.
Metallic D-Beat Hardcore from the Ruhrarea, Germany.

Songs recorded by Burn Harper at Tresorfabrik Studio, Duisburg, Germany in December 2018

Mixed and mastered by Robin Völkert


released November 29, 2019


all rights reserved



Bound By Modern Age Records Germany

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