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Tremble Before Violence

by Ritual Of Decay

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Skinned 04:52
Trapped or raised, enslaved all the same Factories to generate luxury, eviscerated for vanity ensnared, drowned or leg held In anguish, they are overwhelmed Starved, under pain of exposure The walls of the vice grow closer Fear fills their senses, unable to escape swelling with anxiety, the real hell awaits Frantically pacing in endless circles Utterly defenseless, an environment so brutal Caged brethren in barren confinement deplorable, self-mutilation incited Open wounds, deformed feet Cannibalistic, on each other they feed Pelts primed, skinned alive in a designer prison they suffer and die Cruelty is not fashion We must end this barbaric practice Through compassion and direct action THROUGH DIRECT ACTION.
Animals exist for their own reasons, not for entertainment, a vile treason Whips, bullhooks, prods, tools of the trade To ply animals into tricks, to make them afraid Forced to fight, race or perform Detestable practices the civilized should abhor Muzzled, collared and so miserable Robbed of long life and freedom, the damage undeniable Chained and forlorn, from the elders to the newborn Generations victimized, no longer will they be confined Decency defied, one day they will snap And this empire of exploitation, it will collapse IT WILL COLLAPSE.
Aeons ago, it was the only way Progression made, no longer necessary Thrill kills reign, a disgusting display Chronic waste, a disease untamed Accused environmental imbalance Exacerbated by their filthy tactics There is no population control in use only the fragile balance of nature abused Devastation of communities trophies that once had families An inhumane killing spree Landscapes of life, now stained with their bodies Fair chase cannot exist, None are able to outrun When they are outnumbered when they are outgunned Continue the slaughter and it is you who will be hunted YOU WILL BE HUNTED.


BBMA98 - Militant vegan oldschool Death Metal from Phoenix, Arizona, by members of Pedestal Of Infamy. Relentless AR lyrics and bulldozer riffs all the way! FFO: Morbid Angel, Entombed, Deicide, ...

Mixed/Mastered by Dillon Matola
Layout by Sanford Worth

Death Metal For Animal Liberation
All Proceeds will be donated to a local Animal Sanctuary


released December 1, 2020


all rights reserved



Bound By Modern Age Records Germany

embrace the nineties

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