Burning Rage Of A Dying Planet

by Caged

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Screams Tears Bloodstains over the squares Fighting Falling With the bullets humming Exile Prison Nothing can stop your mission Violence Resistance Mark my last stance Over the centuries Countless dead Too much defeat Sacrifice Suffering Struggle knows pain Bounty of many Blood of all Don’t back off! No surrender Till the victory! Names Faces Written in stone their sacrifice Our history Memory will never die They gave their best years to the freedom Eternal glory to the comrades fallen in battle They still live through the actions of who resists Despite these wounds Wind cannot be stopped Screams Tears Blodstains over the squares Fighting Falling With the bullets humming Exile Prison Nothing can stop your mission Strenght Love An ideal that rise above
When humans come... Distant noises break the silence We stay up and keep alert What we hear is new and scary It grows and grows and now we see them Huge monsters moving towards us Taking down everything in their path Hearts beat so faster Fear increases. The face of disaster We run far from the beasts Far from what once was our home All we know is We’re in danger! When humans come Every life is condemned to death Forests raze to the ground The evil everybody fears Now ashmed of what we did I look to what is left What majestically rose above The rest is now just flat A vast graveyard of what it used to be We can’t let them do this We must fight to preserve We must react! There is no other choice, We need to act Fight for what still lives Fight to save our Earth We’ll be the burning rage Of a dying planet It’s not too late This is not the end
Today is the day My hand with a knife Waiting for a moment of justice I’ll take a life Years of oppression Revenged in a second The rage I feel in my heart Helps me to be focused, overcomes my fear Lyon will be your grave I’ll rip you from this Earth My cold steel Will make you know death Today is the day A tyrant will fall Finally thousand of workers Will have a laugh Masters of the world Start to shiver What once was a spectre Is striking to the core Too much blood On your conscience Valliant and other comrades Killed by law There is no god that can save you generations of slaves guides my path Today is the day I can see your car Your fucking fine clothes Your smile, your eyes It will be quick One swift blow Every second, I get closer You reap what you sow
All city decay Another death, everyday Relieve pain Through poison in vein They gave a price to paradise And you can find it in a bag In an attempt to survive You throw away your life Strong master of your life Refuse to be afraid Be the change you want to see Straight edge! Brave and free! A mother cries alone in the dark, when her child gets lost into heaven dust. The drugs shakedown imprison the life of poor people in a cage of golden bars. Government rides the white wave and extends its control over all society. Bane and death. Misery and slavery. Lords of drug carouse and feast upon us. When the sky seems burst over our heads and the hope has less, the winds of change will arrive to tear down governments and wipe out their accomplices. Nothing will be the same. None will avoid the judgement. Refuse to be afraid Straight edge! Be the change you want to see Brave and free!


BBMA80 Caged - Burning Rage Of A Dying Planet debut 7" EP
Arisen from the ashes of To Ashes - a new vegan edge metal super group!
True 90's style metal(core) with thoughtful and provoking lyrics.

For a digital download, please head over to: cagedxvx.bandcamp.com
For a physical copy, check: bbmarecords.com/shop

Ivan: throat / Marco: guitars, backing vocals
Oskar: bass, backing vocals / Serena: drums

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Carlo
@ Toxic Basement Studio, Carate Brianza (MB)
Agosto 2019 / Artworks, Graphics by tanredic


released December 6, 2019


all rights reserved



Bound By Modern Age Records Germany

embrace the nineties

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