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In Search Of An End

by Guthmensch

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Zəđ Ørčårđ
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Zəđ Ørčårđ something about this just gives me that hate forest sound, great work, toll Favorite track: Pride Will Have It's Fall.
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It’s getting cold in this land, I can feel the frost rising again hostile, but familiar – reluctantly embracing with disgust I am full of self-loathe and abhor the atrocities of my kind Cutting out history and suppressing it – are we really doomed to redo all our past mistakes again? Is humanity vile or just dumb? I was wishing for a better life, couldn’t accomplish it by myself I was wishing for a better change, maybe a strong leadership is all that it takes? Am I vile or am I just dumb? Oh, but the race is so proud, upright and strong Can’t you see my descent – to honor my ancestors is duty Just forgotten their reason – replaced with obedience, repeating indoctrinated nonsense Can’t you see superiority – I embody the master race Your pride will have it’s fall – I pity your arrogance and blindness
Just work hard and you can get everything, is what they say, isn’t it? And if you can’t, just work harder, be a good cog in the machine Sweat drives it, blood oils it, so quit your independent thinking and be a good cog in the machine! Work even harder, to fund your new technologies – the one’s that you so desperately need! Electronic scrap, already outdated the day it’s been released – swallowing up your savings Keeping you busy, your mind engaged, no autonomous thoughts, nothing that could harm the machine Just fucking work harder, even if it kills you, the next one’s already standing in line! To witness societies demise, a technological collapse Modern-day self-enslavement – the ruin of men Freedom obsolete – unfamiliar, indefinite Obedience acquired – escape inconceivable
I can’t find warmth in your near, secureness unattainable I can’t find meaning in myself, but there is nothing else around here The fire in your eyes has long gone and yet I’m holding out in fear Never knowing what it feels like, truly being alone – is love just unsustainable? Cold steel driven into flesh, cruel but numb, astounded in horror Warm blood dripping down your cheeks, the bitter taste of iron on your lips But all this horror is so far from here, it’s not my country on the TV No soldiers breaking through my windows and no violence on the streets It’s not our kids in the backyard there, playing with shrapnel Not my life on the line each day I could not be further away (they can go to hell) I can’t feel sorrow through the TV screen, and even if I could, what the fuck am I supposed to do to help them, I can’t do anything Barely my fault that they voted bad, they should just figure it out by themselves I got my own fucking problems, and that damn phone-battery is dying again Blood flees from the pale, lifeless body - another casualty without a face Until everything’s turning black - your green is paying my red
Delusions of grandeur, but big in the game Megalomaniacs, all one and the same No difference but the complex and the name Gambling with lives – inferiority – what a shame Delusions of grandeur, confusions of savior I will make this country, oh so great again I can guarantee economical increase I will make all others, look like the wimps they are I have a red button, too – bigger and workin’ I admit the greatness of your country, now please leave us the fuck alone We have a strong and free autocracy of me, literary exclusively sovereign Privileged, prosperity is a good that comes with pride to the chosen right That’s just the nature of things, how they are – don’t object, I’m a judo master
Fearful, anxious – discontent, not my choice, feeling overlooked Empathy inappropriate - I am not sated yet Anxious and afraid in a foreign land – compelled to flee, not your choice No respect or understanding, the bleakness of the soul Incomprehensible otherness – A threat, a menace, intimidating The past seemed to be so much brighter – I am not ready for change Isolated in a crowd – Segregated in the mind Kind and generous in pretense – subtle hatred and contempt The bleakness of the soul – let the devil take the hindmost For I’m still not satisfied – where are my blue skies? I just want to feel – I am still hungry I just want to live – I want more money Misunderstood - Incommunicative Segregation in the mind – the bleakness of the soul
Cold eyes starring through the iron bars Bloodcurdling cries imbuing the halls Hands reaching out of cages But they’re different from yours and mine – mercy denied Hands reaching out of cages, trying to reach mine Never experienced anything good from me, yet still holding on Emotionally denying our affiliation – still holding on to wrong Scientific researches, referring to humans, but experimenting on Those I acknowledge their genetic affiliation – not able to find guilt or wrong Hands reaching out of lab coats, but no one’s left to reach for mine… Why should I care for anything that is not one of mine Why should I stand in defense, for anyone but my bloodline Why should I care for anything that I cannot relate to Why should I stand in defense, for anyone different from me and you


BBMA66.6 - True Anarchist Eco Metal for Seitan
Co-Released with Bloodless (UK)

True Oldschool Black Metal FFO: Immortal, Darkthrone, DSBM, RABM & sacrificing the wicked to Lord Seitan.
Join the TAEM cult. Burn a slaughterhouse.


released October 28, 2018


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Bound By Modern Age Records Germany

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