Justice Will Be Served (Demo '17)

by The Rule

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BBMA45 - Co-released with Right Choice from the UK.

FFO: Agnostic Front, Battle Ruins & Vegan Reich.

The Rule is Tim Rule (Forward To Eden, Castigator, etc.) on Vocals, Guitar & Bass and Rat (Statement, Unborn, etc.) on Drums and Guitar.
All Songs & Lyrics have been written by Tim Rule in mid 2017.
Everything has been recorded, mixed & mastered completely DIY.
Layout & Artwork by Tim Rule.

Dedictaed to the Vegan Straight Edge.


released August 7, 2017



all rights reserved


Bound By Modern Age Records Germany

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Track Name: The Rule
The Rule - 2017
Still Vegan - Still Fucking Straight Edge

Just talk your talk, and walk your walk
I can already hear the tickin of your clock
Keep runnin and speakin, do all in your range
Knowing that we will never fucking change

If only one thing, this oath I hold dear
Vegan straight edge until I die
This ironclad rule, a commitment for life
More than three words: vegan straight edge
Track Name: Be True To Yourself
Was this the scheduled life, you lead!?
Trapped in the wheel of consumence and greed
Just the wrong exit somewhere along the way?
Oh, nobody told you and now you’re afraid?

Set the wrong priorities - the devil crossed your way
In an urge to fill that cavity, your soul has gone astray
Lived a life that knows no boundaries - never thought about payday
To hide your own deficiency you gave your self away

Is this the life you always wanted to lead!?
Did you become the person you always wanted to be?
Can you even look into the mirror, see your eyes?
Be true to yourself - does it come to you as a surprise?

Bonding with strangers, putting friends and family off
Your advantage in mind, losing the ones that you loved
The addiction is king, keeping your feelings numb
Still trying to lead yourself into believing you hadn’t yet succumbed
Track Name: Justice Will Be Served
Standing tall, poised and bold
With a face twisted of anger and grief
Holding out in the dark and cold
With the bolt cutter they’ll bring relief

Justice will be served
The time for action is now

Armed with a sense of empathy
In a world of ruthless murderers
Put an end to their bestiality
For the animals: righteous soldiers

Justice will be served
The time for action is now

Saviours with angels wings, in the eyes of the innocent
Criminals in the bondage of sin, in the eyes of the delinquent
Threatening their way of life, dissolute under a selfish drive
Distorted morality on others expense, inhumanely they took the first offense

Standing tall, poised and bold
With a face fulfilled of content and ease
Yet holding firm to a shivering soul
Knowing that they will finally feel relief

Justice has been served
But the time for action remains
Track Name: Eternal Struggle
Standing on the edge of this battlefield
Tacking stock of the scenery, observing the enemy

What’s left of us is depressing, and yet it only began
So I am enduring here, ready to fight for a 100 man

Standing in an armor pristine and bright
Reborn to partake in this fight
Feeding the fire that burns inside
And with every foe that falls, my commitment is justified

Their scale and numbers are oppressing, but they’re merely lead by the dark
Voluntarily zombified - evil forces have taken over their hearts

Pushed back to my last stance, abiding here (watching them crawl)
Waiting for the clouds to move, knowing that the sun will bring their fall