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When Blood Covers Morality

by Forward To Eden

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Eating their own flesh - Gnawing on their own bones Endless greed makes them blind - Blood covers morality Uncivilized humankind - Eats itself alive - The Indirect cannibalism None of them shall see the dawn - You deserve nothing than yourself If you're not guilty in your eyes - You're fucking guilty in mine! Uncivilized humankind - Eats itself alive - The Indirect cannibalism You will be judged... Where's the hammer, I'm bringin' it down Give me the hammer, I'll fucking bring it down! Uncivilized humankind - Eats itself alive - The Indirect cannibalism
Rage / Dying 04:18
So much hate against this world - I just want to spit out So much rage against this rotten planet So much hate against this degenerating So called society of addicts Just pump any more acid in the veins of our mother Just kill any more of them - it’s not like we were all sisters and brothers We must proceed into extinction - Let the plague end with us We must proceed into extinction - Don’t pass on this curse Greed and exploitation is what defines us as a race Lifting wealth over welfare and so called worthless life We are dying - fading away...
Human Animal 02:59
Just like a plague you’re infesting everything Don’t even try to reach a fucking balance You destroy and consume till nothings left And you think that it’s your fucking right, cause no one contradicts But like no other living being. you’re possessed with malice And you’re inflicting pain just for the pleasure of doing So are you really part of the same kingdom? Are you really on top of this fucking chain? Oh, you’re so civilized, but you don’t seem to use Any of your abilities, and that’s why I can’t belief Either, the Animal is not like we are, Then there is no sense in experimenting with it Or, it is like us - but then there is no right in doing such experiments, which would be considered outrageous If they would be done with one of us What the fuck has happened to this world? I don't think the human is an animal And what the fuck has happened to us? I don't think the human is a mammal at all
Break Free 03:02
They kept you chained for your whole life, there’s nothing you could do They set your track right from the start no matter what you choose That you feel despair and weak and small is all they wanted to But, give up the fight man – And you will loose So, you gotta break free from the chains that always held you back And you gotta break out of your life to loose this fucking track Break Free - Take Your Life Back You got to break free from the chains - break free from your life Break free from everything around and get what you fucking deserve!
The time has come that we take responsibility Of what we have done all these fucking years Regardless destroying our habitat Whereas we’re exterminating every fucking species If only you could judge me – If you had the ability If only you could judge me – Maybe then we’d see If only you could judge me – I don’t know what you’d do, Would you act like we had shown, or be the fucking gracious?! We had all the abilities that you could never call your own But we were never able to do anything at all, no!


BBMA38 Out now on a limited number of 7" Vinyl.

Vegan Straight Edge 90's Style Metalcore One-Man-Project.
FFO: Culture, Statement, Tears Of Gaia, Morning Again, ...

On this recording FTE is xRULEx on Vocals, Guitars & Bass + "The Vegan Warrior" on Drums.
Everything was recorded and DIY home mixed/mastered during early 2015.


released July 30, 2017


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Bound By Modern Age Records Germany

embrace the nineties

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